Navigating the Differences Personal Care and Skilled Care Assessments

At We are There Home Care, we pride ourselves in the level of personal care services that we provide for our clients and our families. We understand that undertaking home care services is a big decision, with choosing the right company even more important. At the start, you may be stressed about some of the intake requirements and their terminology. We briefly discuss the differences between personal care and skilled care assessments below, so you’ll know what to expect.

A personal care assessment is conducted by one of our certified employees directly at your loved one’s home. Here they will get a full visual of your loved one’s medical needs and living situation, as well as their personality.

A skilled care assessment, on the other hand, is a bit more formal, and is conducted by a registered nurse or other healthcare professional. This type of assessment is primarily focused on your loved one’s health, and may include physical, cognitive, and intellectual testing. They might also contact your loved one’s physician to help formulate a new plan of care.

Both assessments are critical to the overall health of the clients we serve. Contact us today for further questions, as well as a free consultation.