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Professional Trained Companions That Work In Your Home

By Textbroker | October 28, 2018

Professional Trained Companions

After you are released from the hospital for an emergency or scheduled operation, you will need assistance at home. If you are recovering from surgery, then you can’t drive a vehicle or perform household chores, but fortunately, there is a professional home health care company that you can call. We Are There Home Care is a business that is located in Florida as a professional agency that specializes in providing trained caregivers for senior citizens in the Tampa Bay area. Our team of experts maintains a list of certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses or trained companions who are available to work in private residences.

Fast Home Health Care

It can take several weeks to interview caregivers along with researching their background history, but our agency has already completed this task so that when you need home health care, it is available right away. When you call us, we will collect your information about your medical condition, ins

Professional Care At Home

By Textbroker | September 30, 2018

Caring for an elderly friend or family member on your own can be tough. At HomeCare727.com, we recognize that no two situations are exactly alike – but the common thread they all have is for their loved one to be taken care of and treated like family, without having to move to a care facility.

We are here to be that extended family for you and help you take care of your loved one’s needs whether they be home health aid such as assistance with physical therapy, bathing and grooming; grocery shopping; light housekeeping or even simply companionship. We also offer customized care packages specific to your loved one’s medical needs.

Our broad range of services ensures that the elderly we care for are able to maintain a sense of independence while also remaining in the comfort in their own home.

We are there for your needs whether it be a few hours of assistance up to full time, homecare727.com is here to help. Contact us today and let us show you that we do care, and it shows.

Have Peace of Mind with Help from a Certified Nursing Assistant

By Textbroker | September 27, 2018

Have Peace of Mind with Help from a Certified Nursing Assistant

When you have surgery, you may need extra assistance at home, so you can call us to hire a home health care aide to help you. You or a loved one might need special care after surgery because you are in pain from stitches or because you are taking medications that make you feel groggy. Rather than relying on friends for help, you can have professional care from a certified nursing assistant who understands how to help you with tasks such as bathing or cooking meals. It is safer to have someone with you while you are recovering so that you won’t need to worry about any complications.

Call Us to Arrange Professional Home Health Care

Your physician may tell you that you can’t remain alone at home after a long hospital stay for a problem such as pneumonia, but you might not want to live in a nursing home for several weeks. Fortunately, you can call us at We are There Home Care to have a personal caregiver in your own home. W

Home Care for your loved ones

By Textbroker | August 31, 2018

When your loved one is dealing with an illness or injury, nothing is more important to you than helping them return to health. You want them to be able to relax and recover at home instead of in the hospital, but it’s not always possible for you to be there with them. After all, you have work and family obligations that you still need to consider.

Thankfully, today’s patients in Pinellas county have an option that does not involve returning to a facility. We Are There Home Care wants to be there for your loved one when you can’t be. Whether you need a break to take some time for yourself, or you need all-day care on a regular basis while you work, our amazing home health care team is here for you.

At We Are There Home Care, we are passionate about helping people remain in their homes where they are comfortable and secure. We offer temporary care after a surgery or illness, and we also offer care on a long term basis for those who need continuity. Our loving, experienced providers wi

The Best In Home Senior Care Services

By Textbroker | August 27, 2018

The Best In Home Senior Care Services

Seniors occasionally find themselves unable to take care of all of their daily affairs. They may still want to make sure that they are able to keep some of their independence and freedom, but they may also need some assistance. That is where a home health care service can come in handy.

These services are for seniors who want to have professionals who can help take care of their medical needs as well as their need for companionship and so much more. The professional workers who operate in these types of services are great at helping to make any senior feel that they are cared for and fully taken care of. You can rest assured as someone who has a loved one who is receiving these services that your loved one is being completely taken care of. Everything from meditation to playing board games are all things that can potentially be part of the total package that your loved one receives as a result of getting them the home health care services that th

For someone striving to maintain independence

By Textbroker | July 31, 2018

For someone striving to maintain independence while struggling with a temporary post-surgery or permanent mobility problem, home health care assistance makes a huge difference. Patients who can’t receive home health care often experience higher anxiety, depression and other emotional problems as a result of staying in a hospice or nursing home facility. Many patients who only have to deal with a temporary disruption to their mobility can actually experience a higher number of setbacks as a result of being forced to heal at facility rather than in the comfort of their own homes. Seniors and others with more permanent health concerns can become despondent and unmotivated when they lose their home-based independence. They then often experience an increase in new health problems and even a downturn in their overall health.

At We Are There Home Care, our caring professionals are proud to provide a wide range of home-based living and advanced care services. Our experienced home aid workers

Do you have a loved one who is in need of home health care?

By Textbroker | July 25, 2018

Do you have a loved one who is in need of home health care? If the answer is yes, we can help! Our company provides caring, compassionate service for seniors who are still living their best lives but may need a little extra help. Our staff is made up of dedicated, professional men and women who want nothing more than to take care of the needs of your loved one.

We offer assistance for seniors who want to get better in their own homes. Research has found that senior citizens get better faster when they can do so in the house they are used to being in- and that is where we come in! We offer assistance with minor issues, such as light housekeeping and companionship. We will help your loved one with hygiene care and we make sure to report everything back to family on a regular basis.

Our home health care caregivers can also help with more serious issues. We can provide customized care for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. We offer provide post-surgery assist

Convenient Home Health Care

By Textbroker | June 30, 2018

Worrying about elderly parents who are getting older by the day can take a lot out of many people. If you constantly worry about your folks, then you should think about exploring home health care options that are available to them right now. Home health care can help you sleep a lot more peacefully at night. It can stop you from having to devote a lot of energy to thinking about whether your parents are okay. Life in a care facility can be difficult for many elderly individuals. Home health care, however, is something that can keep that thought out of their minds. If you want your parents to be 100 percent safe within the comfort of their home, then this care option can be amazingly convenient and useful to you.

We Are There HomeCare is a Clearwater, Florida company that has a staff that includes some of the most qualified and thorough caregivers around. These professionals have substantial experience looking after older persons. They can help them with all types of pertinent services

Getting in home care…

By Textbroker | June 27, 2018

There’s no place like home. This is especially true when you or a loved one are recovering from surgery or a hospital stay. The first few nights following a procedure or discharge from a rehabilitation facility can be quite stressful, even at home. Add complex discharge instructions for braces, medications, or exercises and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Don’t. Our experienced, professional caregivers have the knowledge and the knack for helping individuals just like you and your family members make a successful transition back to home life. The We Are There Homecare family is committed to assisting post-surgical or post-hospitalization clients with:

safely moving throughout the home
tracking medication and rehabilitation goals
attending post-op appointments
meeting specialized care needs for those with strokes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s disease
and accomplishing many more recovery milestones!

Whether you need only a few days of care or r

Navigating the Differences Personal Care and Skilled Care Assessments

By homecare | March 29, 2019

At We are There Home Care, we pride ourselves in the level of personal care services that we provide for our clients and our families. We understand that undertaking home care services is a big decision, with choosing the right company even more important. At the start, you may be stressed about some of the…

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